Tomorrow is defined by our actions today.

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We believe that the most valuable service
provided on Earth is the absorption of CO2
and its conversion into Oxygen.

Wouldn’t you like to have a clear transparent answer to WHERE, WHEN and HOW your ton of CO2 is absorbed? The current Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) based on carbon certificates and carbon credits, fail to provide clear and precise answers. Meanwhile a huge market has been created where lots of money and papers are moved around, with little measurable positive impact on the planet.

This is where the OXÏ-ZEN Programme comes into play.

We provide a cool alternative to traditional carbon credits and certificates that is transparent, easy to handle, secure and direct.
It's based on a global metric using scientifically verified data and methodologies to accurately measure and verify CO2 conversion capacity anywhere on the planet. Imagine a CO2 Emitter could choose between buying a piece of paper called a “CO2 certificate” at an arbitrary price, with no precise information on how, where and when the CO2 was absorbed... Or engage directly, transparently and securely with a CO2 Converter on the OXÏ-ZEN Platform, with verified information on where, when and how each ton of CO2 is absorbed. Which one would you go for?
Its crystal clear what most Emitters would choose.

We invite you to join us and participate in rebalancing CO2 emissions and absorptions.

Emitter or Convertor?
Both are key to the solution

choose your role and find out how you can join OXÏ-ZEN


Explore the project steps


Paris Agreement:

GHG Emissions mitigation, adaptation & finance takes effect

195 Signatory nations agree to the UN Convention on Climate Change in Le Bourget, France. It went into effect on 4th November, 2016, and seeks reductions in global GHG emissions.


Project Definition:

GHG emissions need to be balanced by GHG absorption.

All terrestrial carbon sinks on the planet, all forests and vegetation, absorb only 30% of all human CO2 emissions, with 30-40% absorbed by oceans, and 30-40% remaining in the atmosphere and not being absorbed by the planet. Therefore, in addition to emission reduction, we urgently need to increase the absorption capacity of the planet. Study group established in YASAVA, to achieve the goal of double CO2 offset for AÏZEN program. Project is named internally as OXÏ-ZEN.


Project OXÏ-ZEN

Program technologies & partners defined. Technology defined through Blockchain / Hyperledger.

Establishing global metric for carbon sequestering using satellite data. To include both terrestrial and marine carbon sinks.
Technology partners identified, launch Emitters and Convertors start engaging.
Business plan adapted to include blockchain catalysts.

February 2019

OXÏ-ZEN Solutions LLC

Company registered in Zug, Switzerland. It was decided to spin off the project as a separate legal entity, located in Zug, Switzerland, in the heart of the Cryptovalley. Initial funding successfully completed.

October 2019


Workshop in Washington DC

OXÏ-ZEN presented at international workshop on invitation by Scientific & Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility, United Nations (UN) Environment

May 2020

Start of Test Phase of OXÏ-ZEN platform

Start of test phase of first modules of blockchain platform, concluding successful critical design review.

September 2020

ECA + 1st round Investment

Conclusion of successful investor on-boarding, including early contributors for COOÏ payment tokens.

November 2020

TGE + Beta Launch

Token Generating Event, following operational launch of platform. This commences the start of initial trading between Launch Emitters and Launch Convertors, allowing for the first direct global peer to peer balancing of CO2.

January 2021

Final Launch

Going live for global transactions between all Emitters and Convertors to engage in trade and balancing of CO2. On-boarding of first OXÏ-ZEN catalysts.


It’s good for companies,
it’s good for nature,
it’s good for our children

OXÏ-ZEN is a scientific and economic Platform that brings together CO2 Emitters and Convertors.
It is simple, transparent and secure.
Encompasses our four main values.

Tomorrow is defined
by our actions today.

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