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Who are the actors
on the Platform

CO2 Emitter

Any public or private entity that has a net positive carbon footprint through their activities, is an Emitter. This can include industries, airlines, cities and communities, even private households

CO2 Convertor

The absorption, or sequestration of CO2 and its partial conversion into oxygen is done for us by nature, more precisely by the planet’s flora (forests, wetlands etc) and large bodies of water (oceans, certain lakes etc). We call the owners and custodians of these terrestrial and marine sinks “Convertors”.

At the heart of the OXÏ-ZEN Programme is a very simple idea: we want to provide a platform where CO2 Emitters purchase CO2 absorption capacity directly and securely from CO2 Convertors. The platform is built using blockchain technology, to make sure transactions are secure, transparent and direct, with no middle men in between. Of course, the credibility of the Convertors is key – this is why all Convertors go through a rigorous onboarding program that includes both a conversion capacity assessment based on our scientfic metric using a combination of satellite data, advanced algorithms linked to the largest physical global data base of terrestrial carbon sinks. In addition, an independent physical audit to verify the data, is executed by third-party inspectors. After onboarding, the Convertor is continuously monitored and the findings are summarized in an OXÏ-Report, which is reissued every 12 months.
The total CO2 absorption capacity is then reflected in an amount of CO2 tokens, called GAYA, that are credited to the Convertor.

Now, when an Emitter uses the platform, he can select from a variety of Convertors. He can see details about each Convertor’s level of absorption capacity (GAYAs), location, carbon sink types and other relevant information, as well as their CO2 absorption price. With a few clicks, the Emitter can then buy the required CO2 absorption capacity directly from the preferred and selected Convertor. Payment on OXÏ-ZEN is done by using our exclusive payment token COOÏ. Both Emitter and Convertor receive an OXÏ-ZEN Transaction Report which contains all the necessary details precisely defining WHERE, WHEN and HOW the CO2 is absorbed, together with other pertinent information to prove the carbon sequestration, as may be required for any further steps by either of their local authorities.

Your benefits

This is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. The first winners are the Convertors, who may be located in very remote spots of the Eearth. They finally get a chance to generate income from their land using their clean, natural resources. For many, this will be the first time they are connected to the global economy, which can have a huge positive social impact in their communities. By creating a direct financial revenue stream through their natural resources, Convertors recognize their value and are incentivised to actively protect, nurture and further enhance their natural resources, i.e. forests, rather than deforest and destroy what effectively are the remaining lungs of the planet. The second winners are the Emitters, who now have a scientically verifed way to offset their CO2 emissions, with a transparent carbon price based on supply and demand, not based on disparate arbitrary assumptions. Using the OXÏ-ZEN Platform, any kind of company can become CO2 neutral, or even CO2 negative, by including their subcontractors and supply chain networks.

Every transaction made on OXÏ-ZEN contributes to the value recognition of a carbon sink, providing strong and sustainable incentives leading to the conservation of nature and the securing of our future. OXÏ-ZEN is part of a pro-active solution to climate change and global warming today.

We believe this is good business. And the time to do this is now.
For us, for our children and future generations.

The Carbon
Sink Model

Only terrestrial carbon sinks regularly convert CO2 into Oxygen. But the exact amounts vary quite substantially from location to location, because of many factors. In order to be able to make a reliable statement on the conversion capacity of any given stretch of land or sea, we are working together with the scientific community and world class research institutions. Our lead scientific partner is the Crowther Lab Research Group of the Swiss Federal Technical University of Zurich, with scientists and technical staff with a range of expertise from micro- biology to remote sensing and artificial intelligence. Building on peer reviewed research, they have developed the “Carbon Sink Model” which provides data on carbon storage capacity for every square kilometer of every terrestrial location on Earth.

The knowledge base behind the Carbon Sink Model involves research collaborations with the world’s leading research institutions, such as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, the Max Planck Society and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, to name a few. When assessing the CO2 absorption capacity of new OXÏ-ZEN Programme members, we’re building on this peer-reviewed scientific methodology. In addition, we also conduct independent audits to measure and verify the data. Our audit results are then fed back to our science partners so as to improve the the Carbon Sink Model and its algorithms. This is how we make sure our way of measuring is sound and reliable. And we help to improve the world’s most comprehensive environmental science database in the process. We greatly contribute to a better understanding of our planetary climate system and ultimately to finding new solutions to address climate change.